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Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.... a leader in the electronic security monitoring industry providing wholesale monitoring services to an international network of industry dealers, integrators and service companies, as well as to US government agencies.

Founded in 1992...

...Rapid Response is known for its dedication to providing the most advanced technologies and the best educated, most highly qualified and extensively trained personnel in the industry.
Currently, Rapid employs over 350 personnel in operations, support, sales and marketing, accounting, programming, technical services, facility maintenance and human resources.

From its multi-redundant and fail-safe 40,000 square foot facility in Central New York...

...Rapid Response supports markets in burglary and fire, GPS and video, remote management, medical monitoring (PERS), emergency line and elevator monitoring, and in monitoring environmental conditions. Additionally, monitoring systems utilizing One-way Sound or Two-way Voice, and systems transmitting over standard, wireless and IP communications are supported.

Renowned for its customization services...

...Rapid utilizes stages™, the state-of-the-art processing platform considered the most stable, scalable and secure platform in the industry today.

Incredible Connectivity™ services...

...Rapid Response provides its clients with a unique array of products for account reporting, analysis and remote management including RapidLink3k™, an SQL (relational database system) platform residing on the dealer's own computer and linked to Rapid's operational database.
It also includes RapidWeb3k™ and the Rapid iPhone® and iPad® App, online services for remote account management from any web-ready device; as well as EON Tech Center, an automated phone service for technicians; Dealer Answering Services; SMS; Virtual Private Networks and a full-featured accounting package for remote financial management through RapidLink3k™.

Emphasizing Account-Dedicated Support...

...Rapid develops personal relationships with its clientele and takes pride in its support teams handling account transfers, signal management and reporting, and technical support, all working hand-in-hand with each client's dedicated account executive.

The Company also supports its client-base through training and educational initiatives...

...particularly the Rapid Response User Group Event, a high-profile marketing and educational event held at a world-class resort that provides extensive training, credited coursework, round-table discussions, expert speakers, hands-on training and industry exhibitors, all with the sole purpose of ensuring the success of the company's clients.

  • Rapid Response Monitoring Services is certified by Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual, and it is one of only a dozen electronic security monitoring companies certified by the New York City Fire Department as meeting its very stringent standards.
  • All Control Center Specialists are SIA-certified.
  • All operators in LifeSafety Monitoring™, a division of Rapid Response dedicated to medical monitoring (PERS), are EMT-certified.
  • Bilingual operators are on duty at all times.
  • Rapid Response is licensed in all states requiring licensing.
  • Rapid Reponse is a recipient of a Best Practice Award in Workplace Law and Work Environment from the Society for Human Resource Management.
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